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Boy Scout Troop 229
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More Resources

Here are some links that might prove to be useful in your Scouting experience. We would like for this page to continually grow, so your contributions are greatly appreciated. Please Contact Our Scoutmaster so this page can become a useful tool for Scouts and parents alike.

Thank you for your help!

Camping Guides and Equipment Checklists

These checklists are one of the most useful tools you can use to planfor your outings.  They are extremely helpful to keep you fromforgetting things.  (Even the older, experienced scouts and adultsstill use these!)
Icon File Name Comment  
Philmont Gear Checklist.pdf Philmont High Adventure Scout Base Gear Checklist  
REI Backpacking Checklist.pdf Backpacking Checklist from REI  
REI Winter Camping Checklist.pdf Winter Camping Checklist from REI  
Universal Packing list - Printable.pdf All-season packing list - printable PDF; Updated 3/20/2014  
Universal Packing list.xlsx All-season packing list - source spreadsheet; Updated 3/20/2014  

Camp Cooking

Byron's Dutch Oven Cooking - A wonderful site for all meals and difficulties.
Icon File Name Comment  
Dutch Oven Cooking.pdf  
Geezer Cookbook.pdf  

Skits and Songs

Icon File Name Comment  
District Eagle Workbook Guidelines.pdf.webloc Hundreds upon hundreds of skits makes it a must use for skit planning. Time to put an end to overused skits!  


Boy Scout Advancement and Merit Badge Information

<<Click Here>> to see the latest Advancement Guide from the BSA.