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Adult Leadership Roles

TheScoutmaster is selected and recruited by the Troop Committee andapproved by the Charter Organization Representative.  The Scoutmastermust be at least 21 years of age.  Serves at the satisfaction of theTroop Committee and the Charter Organization Representative. 
Reports to: Troop Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Train and guide boy leaders. 
Work with other responsible adults to bring Scouting to Boys. 
Use the methods of scouting to achieve the aims of Scouting. 
Meet regularly with the patrol leaders' council for training and coordination in planning troop activities. 
Attend all troop meetings or, when necessary, arrange for a qualified adult substitute. 
Assist the Troop Chairman in planning the Troop Committee meeting agenda.  Attend troop committee meetings. 
Delegate responsibilities to other adults (assistants and troop committee) so they have a real part in troop operations. 
Coordinate annual elections for Troop junior leaders with the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC). 
Coordinate an annual Junior Leaders Training program with the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) 
Coordinatean annual planning meeting with the Patrol Leaders Council (PLC) toplan the next years Troop activities.  Present this plan to TroopCommittee for approval. 
Supervise troop elections for the Order of the Arrow. 

Additional Duties: 
Attend all campouts or arrange for a qualified adult substitute. 
Attend monthly district Roundtable or arrange for a qualified adult substitute. 
Attend Eagle boards of review and introduce the Troop's Eagle candidates or arrange for a qualified adult substitute. 
Conduct scoutmaster conferences for all rank advancements or delegate to a qualified Assistant Scoutmaster (ASM). 
Make it possible for each scout to experience at least 10 days and nights of camping each year. 
Build a strong program by using proven methods presented in Scouting literature. 
Attend Scoutmaster Fundamentals (ACORN) and Woodbadge training. 
Conductall activities under qualified leadership, safe conditions, and underthe policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts ofAmerica. 
Maintain a close relationship with the Charter Organization Representative and the Troop Committee Chairperson. 
Provide a systematic recruiting plan for new members and see that they are promptly registered 
Take part in Webelos Scout graduation ceremonies in Packs related to your Troop.
Participate in council and district events.
Encourage Scouts to attain First Class rank in their first year and at least one rank advancement per year after that.

AssistantScoutmasters are selected by the Scoutmaster with assistance of theTroop Committee.  They serve at the satisfaction of the Scoutmaster andthe Troop Committee.  They may be 18 years old, but at least one mustbe 21 or older. 
Reports to: Scoutmaster 
Assist the Scoutmaster with his/her responsibilities. 
Attend Troop meetings and outings. 
Become trained for the position to include Scoutmaster Fundamentals Training and Outdoor Leader Training (ACORN) 
Woodbadge Training is highly recommended. 
Fill in for Scoutmaster when required. 
Attend training courses and Roundtables.
In addition to above duties several ASMs have additional responsibilities in specific areas: 

ASM New Scouts:Work with new scouts to help them make a smooth transition into theTroop and advance to First Class in a reasonable time.  This involvesworking with the PLC and the ASPL for New Scouts.  Also works closelywith Troop Instructor, Troop Guides, and Advancement Coordinator tofacilitate scout advancements. 

ASM High Adventure: Acts as a mentor to the older scouts to promote and execute a quarterly High Adventure outing. 

ASM OA: Encourage membership in the Order of the Arrow (OA) and coordinate annual OA elections.  Must be an OA member. 

ASM Troop Junior Leader Advisor:  Act as a mentor to Troop Junior Leaders. 

ASM Patrol Advisor:Act as a mentor to Patrol Leader and serve as a resource to thepatrol.  Attend Patrol meetings, recruit others to assist, involve theresources of the Scout families, support the Patrol Leader in planningactivities, aid the Patrol Leader in leading activities, report toScoutmaster on Patrol needs.  Attend training courses and Roundtables.

ASM Tour Leader:This is a trained, uniformed adult over 21 who is appointed by theScoutmaster to be the adult responsible for any given outing/activity.Completing the following courses or the equivalent would constitutebeing trained: Fast Start, New Leader Essentials, SM and ASM BasicTraining, and Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills.  This course syllabus iscommonly referred to as Acorn training in the Mission Peak District. 
Ceremonies- Plans and directs Court of Honor ceremonies, as well as specialceremonies.  Continuously works to network and find new program ideas,presenting them to the PLC as input to troop program.  Responsible forrecognition (adult and boys). 

TheTroop Committee Chair (CC) is selected by the Charter OrganizationRepresentative (COR) to organize the Troop Committee.  Serves at thesatisfaction of the COR and Troop Committee.  

Reports to: Charter Organization Representative

Major Duties: 
Organize the Troop Committee to see that all functions are delegated, coordinated, and completed. 
Maintain a close relationship with the Chartered Organization Representative and the Scoutmaster 
Interpret national and local policies to the troop. 
Ensure the troop adheres to the policies of the Chartered Organization and the Boy Scouts of America. 
Prepare troop committee meeting agendas. 
Call, preside over, and promote attendance at monthly troop committee meetings and any special meetings that may be called. 
Recruit top-notch, individuals for adult leadership. 

Additional Duties: 
Ensure troop representation at monthly district Roundtable. 
Become trained for position to include Troop Committee Training and Scoutmaster Fundamentals. 
Encourage adult leaders to get trained. 
Arrange for charter review, re-charter annually and plan charter presentation. 
Attend training courses and Roundtables. 
Conduct periodic parents' sessions to share the program and encourage parent participation and cooperation.  

TheTroop Treasurer maintains all troop finances, collects dues and fees,and pays troop bills.  Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves atthe satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee.  
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Handles all troop funds.  Pay all bills on recommendation of the Scoutmaster and authorization of the Troop Committee. 
Maintain checking and savings accounts. 
Keep appropriate records related to troop funds. 
Work with Re-charter Coordinator to collect and record annual dues. 
Workwith Fund Raising Coordinator to account for monies earned during fundraisers and track scout account credits earned.  Advise and coordinatefunds from Popcorn and Scout-o-rama sales
Work with Membership Coordinator to process registration of new scouts and adult leaders. 
Collect Summer Camp payments and remit funds to council office for camp reservations/payments in a timely manner. 
Lead preparation of the annual troop budget

Additional Duties: 
Needs to attend most troop meetings. 
Report to Troop Committee at each committee meeting. 
Supervise Scout Accounts. 
Work with Outdoor/Activity Coordinator to make necessary payments for camping/activity reservations. 
Attend training courses.

TheSecretary is responsible for keeping minutes of Troop Committeemeetings and to handle troop correspondence.  Appointed by theCommittee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chairand the Troop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Attendall troop committee meetings, record the minutes, with special emphasison decisions made, actions taken, and policy made. 
Transcribeand distribute copies of the minutes to all registered adult leaders assoon as possible following the committee meeting to ensure members havetime to follow up on action items. 
Provide electronic copy of meeting minutes to troop web master for posting on troop web site. 

Additional Duties: 
Send out committee meeting notices. 
Handle publicity. 
At each meeting, report the minutes of the previous meeting. 
Handle troop correspondence as needed. 
Attend training courses.

TheAdvancement Coordinator maintains troop advancement records andpromotes rank advancement.  Appointed by the Committee Chair and servesat the satisfaction of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and the TroopCommittee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Maintain a merit badge counselor list. 
Makea prompt report on the correct form to the council service center whena troop board of review is held.  Secure badges and certificates asrequired. 
Work closely with Database Coordinator to ensure TroopMaster data is accurate and timely. 
Keep records of troop advancement and attendance at troop activities in TroopMaster program. 

Additional Duties: 
Encourages Scouts to advance in rank. 
Arrange troop boards of review and courts of honor. 
Train Committee Members to conduct troop board of reviews for Tenderfoot to Life ranks. 
Attend Troop Committee meetings and report as needed. 
Should attend most Troop meetings. 
Promote attendance at district Merit Badge Expos. 
Have a working knowledge of the Boy Scout advancement program. 
Work closely with Scoutmaster and the New Scout Assistant Scoutmaster to keep them informed on advancement needs of scouts. 
Work closely with Eagle Advisor to request congratulatory letters for Eagle courts of honor. 
Attend training courses.


CubMasters encouraging Webelos scouts to make the transition into BoyScouts.  Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at thesatisfaction of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and the TroopCommittee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Maintain contact with local Cub Pack leaders. 
Invite Webelos dens to visit the troop and attend annual Webelos camp out.  Coordinate schedule of visits with Scoutmaster. 
Greetvisitors at troop meetings, introduce them to troop youth and adultleaders, and help them understand how to join the troop.  Answer anyquestions they may have about troop operations. 
Makesure prospective troop members (adult & youth) receive thenecessary information and forms needed to register in the troop and tosign-up for Summer Camp. 
Ensure registration paperwork is properly completed and routed to appropriate adult leaders. 
Work with Treasurer to collect dues as required. 
Coordinate with Cub Master and Scoutmaster to ensure troop attendance and participation in Webelos bridging ceremony. 
Maintaincontact with parents of new scouts during the first few months afterjoining to make sure their questions are answered and their concernsare addressed. 

Additional Duties: 
Coordinate a "Fast Start" training each year in the spring for new adults. 
Contact inactive Scouts and encourage them to become active again. 
Report to Troop Committee as needed at committee meetings. 
Encourage Den Chiefs and promote Den Chief Training. 
Should attend most Troop meetings and be prepared to welcome visitors and provide information about the troop and how to join. 
Work with the Scoutmaster to make sure new scouts are assigned to a patrol and welcomed by the patrol. 
Attend training courses.

Securesreservations for troop activities/camp outs, coordinatestransportation, process Tour Permits and necessary paperwork requiredto conduct the outdoor program.  Appointed by the Committee Chair andserves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and theTroop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 
Major Duties: 
Afterthe PLC's annual calendar has been approved by the Scoutmaster andTroop Committee, this person will work closely with the Scoutmaster tomake necessary reservations to accommodate the planned activities. 
Secure permission and reservations to use camping sites and facilities. 
Serve as transportation coordinator for troop outings. 
o Ensure enough drivers are available for each outing. 
o Prepare maps and driving directions for drivers. 
o Publish a driving roster for each outing. 
o Identify emergency contact person for each trip. 
o KeepTour Leaders Binder updated and in the hands of the Tour Leader foreach outing. This includes the annual update of Medical Forms prior toSummer Camp. 
o Work with Database Coordinator to ensure council has updated drivers/vehicle list for Tour Permits. 

Additional Duties: 
Coordinates with the Treasurer to ensure camping fees are paid. 
Maintain map library for use in making copies for camp out drivers. 
Secure Tour Permits for all troop activities. 
Attend Troop meetings when Permission Slips are due and collect Permission Slips. 
Promoteattendance at troop camp outs, district/council activities(camp-o-rees, expos, etc.), and summer camp to reach the goal of oneouting per month. 
Promote the National Camping Award. 
Keeps the "Camping/Activity Pledge" in mind when dealing with exceptions to normal practices. 
Keep Tour Leader(s), Scoutmaster, and Committee Chair updated on any issues or potential problems. 
Report to the Troop Committee at each meeting. 
Be responsible for Troop’s participation in District and Council actives.
Attend training courses and Roundtables.


Responsiblefor procurement and maintenance of troop equipment.  Appointed by theCommittee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair,Scoutmaster, and the Troop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 
Major Duties: 
Supervise and help the troop procure, repair, and replace camping equipment. 
Work with Troop Quartermaster on inventory and proper storage and maintenance of all troop equipment. 
Make periodic safety checks on all troop camping gear, and encourage the troop in the safe use of all outdoor equipment. 
Additional Duties: 
Work closely with Scoutmaster, SPL, and Quartermaster to ensure proper equipment is available for each outing. 
Report to the Troop Committee as necessary. 
Oversees the quartermaster's issuing and accepting return of troop equipment to patrols and members. 

Popcorn Coordinator
Coordinatepopcorn fundraising activities.  Appointed by the Committee Chair andserves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the TroopCommittee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 
Ensures all fund raising activity meets BSA guidelines. 
Attends popcorn kick off meeting
Performs safety training
Announces fundraising goals and arranges for incentives
Communicates deadlines
Coordinates popcorn pick up and distribution activities

Promotethe pursuit of the 12th point of the scout law "A scout is reverent".Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and Scoutmaster. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Provides a spiritual tone for troop meetings and activities. 
Give guidance to the chaplain aid. 
Promote regular participation of each member in the activities of the religious organization of his choice. 
Coordinates visits to homes of Scouts in time of sickness or need. 
Give spiritual counseling service when needed or requested. 
Promote the pursuit of religious awards by all Scouts. 
Coordinates with Chaplain Aid religious observations during scout activities. 


Maintain Scoutbook database and this website, medical forms, vehicle list, and related documents.  Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Updates Scoutbook when changes are made or new members are added. 
Maintains records and database of Troop Resource Survey, Authorization to Treat Minor, and Vehicle List submitted by troop members. 
Maintains records of training taken by adults. 
Provide data required to complete Tour Permits to Outdoor/Activity Coordinator as needed. 
Oversee maintenance of Scoutbook database with Asst. Database Coordinator. 
Coordinate with other adult leaders to provide data as needed to accomplish their duties. 

Assist the Database Coordinator with maintaining database of troop records using Scoutbook.  Requires high speed Internet access. Attention to detail is critical.  This position works closely with the Database Coordinator and Advancement Coordinator.  Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the Troop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Updates Scoutbook records as needed. 
Maintains close working relationship with Database Coordinator and Advancement Coordinator to maintain database integrity. 
Provide data required to complete Tour Permits to Outdoor/Activity Coordinator as needed. 
At time of re-charter verify all data and make updates as necessary. 
Assist in re-charter by preparing Scoutbook records for submittal to council office. 
Coordinate maintenance of Scoutbook database with Advancement Coordinator. 

Coordinatesthe troops participation in the annual Scouting for Food Drive.Appointed by the Committee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of theCommittee Chair and the Troop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties:
Coordinates and promotes Scouting for Food effort. 
Maintain liaison with district Scouting for Food coordinator. 
Sign up for troop assignment area at Roundtable. 
Determine area assignments and recruit scouts/parents for each area. 
Provide maps and instruction for drivers and scouts in each area. 
Promote scout safety and two-deep leadership during this activity.  Work closely with Scoutmaster and Troop Committee to ensure adequate adult and youth leaders are present. 
Direct the distribution of collection bags. 
Coordinate the collection and counting on donated food. 
Arrange for transportation of donated food to designated collection point. 

Additional Duties:
Keep records of each Scout's participation in the program and provide same to Advancement Coordinator for recording. 
Report on results to troop committee. 

Coordinateand promote service projects.  Appointed by the Committee Chair andserves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the TroopCommittee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 

Major Duties: 
Discuss possible projects with Committee Chair and Scoutmaster for suitability. 
Gain PLC and Troop Committee support for project and set date. 
Coordinate procurement of materials/supplies needed. 
Promote attendance at service project and generate a sign-up list. 
Maintain records of participation hours and submit same to Advancement Coordinator. 
Additional Duties: 
Coordinate sending thank you letters for those who donated material/supplies. Provide a copy of these letters to school office. 
Coordinate with school staff any access to facilities that may be required. 
Report on project to Troop Committee. 


Coordinatesthe annual re-charter of troop.  Appointed by the Committee Chair andserves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chair and the TroopCommittee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair
Major Duties: 
Notifies parents about re-charter dates. 
Works with Treasurer to collect and record re-charter fees. 
Workswith Database Coordinator to update troop records and prepare Troopmaster data submission to council office by turn-in date. 
Obtain necessary signatures on re-charter forms from Scoutmaster and Charter Organization Representative in timely manner. 

Additional Duties: 
Attends district re-charter training/orientation meeting. 
Coordinates with Committee Chair and Scoutmaster to set re-charter turn-in dates. 
Works with Database Coordinator to distribute re-charter paperwork and updated forms. 

Actsas a resource for Life Scouts preparing to work on the Eagle rank.Appointed by the Committee Chair and Scoutmaster and serves at thesatisfaction of the Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and the TroopCommittee.  This could be an ASM or a Troop Committee position. 
Reports to: Committee Chair and Scoutmaster 

Major Duties: 
Provide scouts attaining Life rank the "Life to Eagle" packet. 
Advise Life scouts on the general process of attaining the Eagle rank. 
Advise Life scouts on Eagle service projects and provide guidance on paperwork preparation. 

Additional Duties: 
Assist families of Eagle scouts with Eagle Court-of-Honor planning. 
Coordinate with Advancement Coordinator requests for Eagle letters of congratulations from dignitaries. 
Should be an Eagle Scout, or the parent of an Eagle scout.

Publisha quarterly newsletter for each court of honor.  Appointed by theCommittee Chair and serves at the satisfaction of the Committee Chairand the Troop Committee. 
Reports to: Committee Chair 
Prepare and distribute Troop newsletter on a quarterly basis, with a calendar of upcoming events and news about recent events. 
Contact area coordinators for news of upcoming activities and results of completed activities. 
Solicit news articles from troop members.